Premium Quality, Superior Load-Handling Flatbed. Owner, Mark Tolstedt, former Director of Livestock and Gooseneck Engineering at Wilson Trailer has 27 years of Design and Manufacturing experience. Prior design experience includes Brake Design for General Motors at the Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan.

Crossman Trailer, established in 2011, was founded by Mark and Jill Tolstedt. After 27 years in the engineering field with 14 in trailer design and manufacturing, Mark Tolstedt recognized the market opening for an all aluminum, flatbed trailer. While there are several companies in this niche market, none have utilized the optimization techniques that Tolstedt perfected in his gooseneck livestock trailer design work.

Crossman Trailer debuted the "Liberty" LAGN25+5, an Aluminum Gooseneck Flatbed trailer at the Gateway Farm Expo in Kearney, NE.  The line includes flatbeds with both straight decks or beavertail designs in lengths from 25 to 40 feet. Contact Crossman Trailer now.  We'd love to talk trailers with you.

Mark Tolstedt
University of Nebraska,
College of Engineering

Jill Tolstedt, M.S.
Michigan State University,
College of Engineering

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