Premium Quality, Superior Load-Handling Flatbed. Owner, Mark Tolstedt, former Director of Livestock and Gooseneck Engineering at Wilson Trailer has 27 years of Design and Manufacturing experience. Prior design experience includes Brake Design for General Motors at the Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan.


  • Aluminum non-skid floor
  • 19" tall main beams
  • 13.9" tall gooseneck beams
  • 4" Semi-trailergrade crossmembers
    on 16" centers
  • 5.5" HD semi-trailer grade siderail
  • (2) 10,000 lb axles
  • 30,000 lb Bulldog coupler
  • Grote LED semi-trailer grade lights
  • Jost aluminum landing gear, 2 speed,
    rated at 55,000 lb each 
  • Center POP-up (Beavertail trailers)
  • Light-weight aluminum flip over ramps (Beavertail trailers)
  • No need for wear-prone springs
  • Toolbox between gooseneck uprights
    Lockable, weather sealed

25 to 40 foot lengths

Straight deck lengths:  25, 30, 35, 40
Beavertail lengths:  20+5, 25+5, 30+5, 35+5 


LAGN25+5, 30 foot dovetail trailer
10,000 lb axles,
Duals with optional Aluminum Wheel Simulators
Optional Spare Tire/Wheel
GVWR of 25,000 lbs.
Weight empty: 5920 lbs.


12K Dexter axles
Electric/Hydraulic disc brakes
Extra side lights
Kinedyne winch track

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Straight Deck trailers - New shorter rear bumper style!

aluminum gooseneck flatbed Crossman Trailer

Beaver Tail trailers - great for hauling equipment

aluminum flatbed gooseneck Crossman Trailer

Adjustable ramp width from 22" to 100.5"
8000 lb wheel load / ramp

aluminum trailer ramps

Ramps sit flush with the deck.
ramps on dovetail aluminum trailer

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